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Committed to safety!

Bellevue Villas in Naxos is apparted of 3 new, private and undetached villas with their own private areas (garden, pool, sitting areas, etc.), where only the guests of each villa may have access to. Each accommodation has its own private walking entrance and parking space.

To ensure the well-being of our guests, we will be implementing health and safety measures in line with the Greek government regulations. With this in mind, we are introducing a few important changes that we would like to make you aware of:

  • Check-in will be made by us using masks and gloves in order to reduce more contact.
  • Check-out time is at 11:00 and check-in time is at 15:00 which is enough time to ensure that all the air inside the villas is totally refreshed before each check-in.
  • Personal Protective Equipment is also available for our guests (sanitizers, protective face masks, etc.) as and when required.
  • We can reduce the frequency of housekeeping services to every third day of a guest’s stay, in an effort to limit personal contact and reduce the number of times an associate enters a guest’s room. Guests can still elect to have daily housekeeping services (at no extra cost) should they wish to do so.
  • We request that guests are not present during any housekeeping service in order to limit personal contact.
  • In villas all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants before each check-in.
  • We routinely disinfect all keys used by guests and colleagues.
  • Any extra bedding, blankets, pillows will be disinfected before each guest arrival according to the RAL HYGIENE QUALITY MARK (RAL-GZ 992/2:2019 Certification) that ensures the Preventions and Control of infectious deseases.
  • We only accept bagged laundry/dry cleaning and will always handle all laundry with gloves.
  • We have established a direct co-operation with a Greek Doctor based in Naxos who is fully trained on COVID-19 cases.
  • Our hotel keeps an official incident log and will share this with Greek authorities in any case should there be a need to trace the guests, we will always comply with GDPR legislations.

Keep a cool head and book directly with us without worrying about COVID19:

Enjoy the flexibility of our cancellation policy for COVID19 situations.
  • In case you will not be able to travel to Naxos island and stay at your villa due to any restrictions related to Coronavirus situation (Country lock-down / blocked flights), you may inform us and cancel your reservation up to 14 days before your arrival, with no cost at all.
  • In case of cancellation due to the above reasons, during the last 14 days prior to your arrival (or any time if your reservation is “non-refundable”), a credit voucher will be issued, equal to the amount dued to Bellevue Villas according to the cancellation policy. This voucher may be used to rebook for period during the next 18 months after your cancellation.
  • In case your new reservation exceeds the value of your credit voucher, the balance will be paid depending on your reservation’s payment policy.


The above list of COVID19 conditions may be updated at any time, with any possible new changes Greek Government advices that need to be applied. For any further information or clarification at any time please contact with us.


We look forward to welcoming you to our brand new villas!

Bellevue Villas owner & team